StreamVX – Roll Credits no More

Most of the top streamers now offer offline viewing options to download a movie or a show so you can watch it later when you don’t have access to the internet. This is also true of any TV channel. The thing is, most of the platforms rely on EPG data in the recording. That means a ton of unnecessary minutes before and after almost every asset. You click on a program and see several minutes of the preceding show or other non-relevant content. This eats up storage and is just a hassle. That’s where StreamVX’s proprietary vxFinder software comes in.

The TV market is getting more and more competitive. That’s why there is a strong amount for cost optimization. On the other hand, there is always a need to look for new revenue streams. The initial goal of the vxFinder was to audit demands for programmatic advertisement deployments. Thanks to our architecture and leading-edge technology, vxFinder is an extremely powerful engine. It finds video patterns inside live or VOD streams and allows it to execute virtually any action and find it. This means that use cases are limitless and it can be fit for any video system. The third feature is all about cost optimization. We can cut the storage usage, marking precisely start and stop even for recordings in catch-up TV solutions. Of course, this also brings savings for the manual labor costs.

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