The watch has seen endless iterations over the many hundreds of years since its initial design. It started as simply a way to measure time, but over the centuries, function gave way to style and it became a signature accessory for both men and women.

After nearly 600 years, there’s little innovation these days beyond style, but it’s in that realm that we are seeing some of the coolest and most forward-thinking watches ever. While there are a ton of brands out there creating innovative new wristwatches, there’s one in particular breaking the style mold on an age-old accessory.

Wryst has created some of the most durable Swiss watches on the market today with a design that looks to the future while never forgetting where it came from.

Chronograph FORCE collection

Wryst’s line of chronograph watches includes the timeless movement of the multi-functioning timepiece but with a futuristic design. In other words, the FORCE series offers a bold statement wrapped around a chronograph movement. From the stylistic leather strap to the Swiss mechanics. There are several to choose from including the SX230 and its top-notch blue design and the SX270 with its rose gold allure. There are also multiple bracelet options, adding versatility.

Automatic Racer Collection

Whether you’re wearing one of the Automatic RACER watches on a racetrack or not, these timepieces scream “Go!” As the name suggests, it was inspired by modern racing from its intricate Swiss design to its luxurious body. Its durable build is also reminiscent of the fast-racing lifestyle. It includes a scratch-resistant and anti-reflective glass.

All Wryst watches feature Swiss movements and proudly bear the moniker “Swiss Made.” That includes the aforementioned Chronograph and RACER collections but also their ELEMENTS for Sports and ULTIMATE Black DLC watches.

The ELEMENTS series, as you may have guessed, were designed for those active types who love to be outdoors. The stainless-steel body with scratch-resistant glass ensures it can take a beating. But they haven’t forgotten that you still want something with style. The variety of colors and sleek design ensure it’ll accessorize well with just about anything. Whether you’re scaling a mountain or cutting dirt on your mountain bike, they’ve got you covered.

The Wryst ULTIMATE series takes extreme to the next level with a sapphire crystal face and DLC protection. That means it’s technically harder than steel, making sure you can’t easily break this thing even if you tried. These watches are also water resistant up to 200 meters making them great for swimming or water sports.

There are a lot of watches to choose from out there. You should always look for those that are Swiss Made. And once you’ve narrowed in on that, you want those that are durable and can handle any activity no matter how rough. Finally, once you’ve got a Swiss Made watch that is durable, you want a timepiece that makes a bold statement with next-level style choices.

Wryst has cornered the market on all three, bringing the timeless timepiece into the future with high quality and durability.

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