Spider Farmer – The Commercial Growing Game Just Got A Lot Easier

In order for cannabis to grow properly. It needs plenty of light and when we’re talking about commercial growing we’re talking about a lot of light that’s where spider farmer comes in the spider farmer se7000 commercial LED grow light provides 730 watts of direct light for the most optimal canopy and vertical farming at every stage from germination to flowering the se7000 beams your crop with just the right amount of life to optimize growth and keep the crops of verdant and bountiful the unique bar lighting design.

Make sure you’re getting an even distribution of light while the extended light bar allows for light to reach along the edges when things really start to grow out now clearly water is going to play a part in cultivation, which is why all the LEDs are coated with waterproof glue to protect them from a wet environment when ordering any spider farmer LED lights, you can expect to deliver to anywhere in the US Canada Australia the UK and EU in just a few days and with a five-year service warranty, you’ll get plenty of use and life out of them. So visit spider farmer.com and check out with coupon code NWTX to get an extra 8% off your commercial LED grow light se7000