Movie Talk – Is House of the Dragon a Worthy Successor to Game of Thrones?

By: Nick Gambino

Game of Thrones went down in history as both the best and worst show of all time depending on who you ask. Season after season the show further cemented itself as the gold standard of what a TV show should be, improving never weakening. That is, until the final six-episode season that left plenty of diehard fans going “Huh?”

These fans were so deeply disappointed (full disclosure: I wasn’t one of them) you barely hear a peep about the show three years after it ended. I don’t even see GOT memes or GIFs. It’s like the collective fanbase simply wants to forget the entire show ever happened.

Enter the prequel series House of the Dragon. Plenty went into this show with trepidations as to whether or not it was just milking a concept that fizzled out years ago. When it debuted last week, it put all of those fears to rest in a single hour of gripping, beautiful entertainment.

Immediately, the opening narration grabs hold and refuse to let go. We are thrust back into the world of throne politics and Shakespearean drama. Everything you love about GOT is in this show – violence, intrigue, the vast web of conspiracy, family drama, and yes, sex. There’s even a birthing scene that I will never forget, though I would give anything to be able to.

In this first episode, we are introduced to a large cast of characters (less than GOT’s first episode but still a lot) who we quickly get a rounded view of. We know who’s who and where they stand in short order. This is the mark of a great first episode. I am not confused. I know the goals of each and what they’re willing to do to reach those goals.

That said, there’s a lot of room left for twists and turns. The episode started with things pretty much in neat order, which of course couldn’t last, and then ends with a proper springboard into a season that I’m sure will be full of surprises.

I really enjoyed House of the Dragon (are we calling it HOD yet?) and can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store for us.