Sew Sweet Minky Designs – Wrap Yourself In The Best Blankets

There’s nothing softer and more soothing than a Minky blanket. I can safely say it’s easily the closest thing to being wrapped in a cloud from the heavens and the best Minky blankets on the market have to be Sew Sweet Minky Designs. Now, these high-quality, luscious blankets are made entirely of Minky fabric, which is 100% polyester and the softest thing ever to touch human skin. Now the comfort bestowed by these ultra-soft blankets is heightened by the heaviness.

The weight of a Sew Sweet Minky Designs blanket helps you sleep better throughout the night and helps relieve symptoms of restless leg syndrome and anxiety. Through proper care, Sew Sweet Minky Designs Minky blankets should never lose their softness and last a lifetime. With over 600 blankets to choose from, you’ll be able to get just the right design to fit your home. And they have something for everyone including infants, children, and adults.

Endless sizes, patterns, and colors for everyone, they’re all handmade by experienced seamstresses throughout the US whose care and attention make these the best out there. You can buy your Minky blanket on their next Facebook live sales show. Simply go to