Colsen – The Perfect Fire Pit Inside or Out

The holidays are approaching fast, and that means gifting season. If you’re looking for a great addition to the home, look no further than the Colsen line of fire pits. look no further than the Colsen line of fire pits. These fantastic concrete fire pits are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, whether you’re looking for a bit of warmth on a cool night or want to roast up some marshmallows for tasty s’mores.

Now, I know an indoor fire pit seems like a wild idea, but the Colsen fire pit is completely smokeless and odorless. It essentially uses an ethanol fuel or isopropyl alcohol to ignite which burns off and never lingers in the space. It’s perfect for a ventless fire pit situation and a great way to remain environmentally friendly while enjoying the comfort of the flame. You have several aesthetic options to choose from depending on your preference for size and shape. The round fire pit is one of their most popular, but the hex and rectangular options are equally stunning. They complement any space beautifully. But if you’re looking for something a bit more out there, you can go for the skull fire pit, guaranteed to be a conversation starter.

You can even personalize your Colsen concrete fire pit, emblazoning the item with your name or a custom quote to add your personal touch. The lightweight, portable design allows you to find the best place for it. Put it on a side table, the dining room table, or even on your desk. Once it’s burned through, you can start it up again with more ethanol or isopropyl alcohol or simply put it away for the next use. There’s barely any clean-up needed thanks to the no-mess design. Add an elegant ambiance to your home with Colsen fire pits. You can purchase yours today by heading on over to