Momento – Connect. With Your Fans Like Never Before

While NFTs have been around for a few years as a means of creating something truly unique in the oversaturated landscape of the internet, they’ve experienced an explosion in just the past year. With the NFT boom, many are looking for ways to not only purchase non-fungible tokens but take their digital content and make them into their very own NFTs. Well, there’s a way to do it right on your phone.

Momento NFT is a direct-to-fan NFT platform that helps celebrities, athletes, and influencers turn their images and short-form video content into NFTs instantly. While there are other social apps that allow creators to show off their content, they don’t offer a way for creators to truly profit. Momento NFT is the best way for creators to earn money. As a creator, all you do is create your content and the app will do the rest. You can instantly mint any content completely free of any fees. But at the end of the day, it’s all about engagement which is why they make it easy with support for any form of currency.

You don’t even need to have prior NFT experience or own any crypto to unlock the magic of this app. Simply create and monetize. That’s as a creator of course. Fans can also get in on the action. They can view a wide array of amazing content while supporting their favorite creators or finding new ones on the user-friendly Discovery Page. Once you buy an NFT you can resale it to other fans if you see an opportunity! What’s more, you can unlock exclusive deals, autographs, live streams, and other VIP experiences. Finally, we have a way to empower fans and creators where both sides benefit.

Get started with Momento NFT today by downloading it from Google Play or App Store.