Gizmo – Spend Less Time Looking For Something to Watch

We’ve all been through it – endlessly scrolling through our streaming options, trying desperately to find something to watch. Sometimes spending more time looking for a movie than actually watching one. Well, no more. Check out Gizmo! This social app brings all your streaming services together in one place, providing recommendations and a community to find others who share your taste in movies and TV.

Follow other users to see what they are raving about. It’s a great way to connect with family and friends and stay linked to who’s watching what. Once you find something that interests you, you can watch the trailer, find where to stream it, and then head to that service and start watching. Gizmo also includes a slew of social features, including the ability to create & vote on polls, surveys, and even audio comments from other users. This super convenient app solves another big problem – finding where a particular title is streaming.

If you have a ton of subscriptions, it can be quite a task to open each one, looking for a specific movie or show. Now you can just fire up Gizmo to find out exactly where it’s streaming. Gizmo is free on App Store. Download it today!