The early detection and diagnosis of brain disorders like tumors, multiple sclerosis, and strokes are vital. The advanced medical discipline of neuro-ophthalmology shows this can be performed by highly trained doctors. By using the eyes as a window into the brain, they can glean a lot of important information but a manual exam takes up to 45 minutes and is very subjective and error-prone. Now, we need something more reliable to increase accessibility.

machineMD is looking to standardize these exams into a fast, repeatable, and quantified process. Their expert team is developing solutions that will allow doctors to make accurate measurements of eye movements so that they can diagnose neurological disorders with far greater accuracy while also cutting down on the time factor significantly. This is being developed with the most cutting-edge VR headsets that will replicate today’s manual exams in a standardized, replicable way.

Their first product, Neos, will utilize a unique combination of virtual reality and artificial intelligence. With advanced precision eye tracking capabilities. machineMD is on a mission to democratize the early detection of brain disorders, bringing this diagnostic capability to every doctor, optometrist, and optician in the world. To find out more, Visit today.