Building web and mobile apps is a complicated process that requires a lot of engineering effort and time, especially when you’re working with designs spanning multiple platforms, unless you’re using

This low-code developer tool accelerates web & mobile app development by 5 to 10 times with its design-to-code conversion platform and lets you do more with the code. converts Figma and Adobe XD designs into React, React Native, HTML-CSS, Gatsby and Nextjs code. It leverages AI to help scan your designs and tag design elements, and create reusable code components. also lets you create live responsive prototypes that you can share with your team. Developers love the generated code because the code quality is excellent and it can be built upon, unlike no-code tools that restrict the tech stack. It frees up engineers’ time by automating the grunt work so they can focus on more complex engineering problems. has an active community with users from more than 180 countries. Their team listens closely to users and provides real-time support. Get started at today.