Spotify has new feature

  By: Nick Gambino

Spotify is the number one music streaming app for good reason. They have a huge selection of artists and music and the interface is easy to use and super intuitive. It’s also really good at curating interesting music and suggesting new songs for you to listen to and even grouping your favorite music into special playlists.

That said, the algorithm is only so smart. It can’t differentiate when you’re listening to your own music or playing Baby Shark or the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song for your two-year-old. This means your “curated” playlists and “favorite” song playlists are going to have a ton of skin-crawling kiddie music. Again, it’s not Spotify’s fault. You have to play these songs 150 times in a row to stop those little tyrants from screaming at the top of their lungs.

Now Spotify has introduced a new feature to exclude playlists from your preferences. The music streaming platform suggests things based on your Taste Profile. This is made up of your listening preferences and helps suggest Daily Mixes, etc. The new feature allows you to exclude specific playlists from your Taste Profile.

“With the touch of a button, Exclude from your Taste Profile lets you keep selected playlists from being included in your Taste Profile and reduces the impact they have on your recommendations,” Spotify said in a blog post announcing the much-needed feature. “It allows you to tell Spotify which playlist you’d like to impact your recommendations less, tailoring Spotify’s personalization experience to your needs.”

Liked songs from these playlists will still appear in your Liked Songs list and you’ll still have access to any playlists, but they won’t take up space amongst songs you actually like. To start using it all you have to do is tap on those three little dots at the top of the playlist. Tap on the “Exclude from your Taste Profile” option and voila.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like there’s any way to exclude individual songs from your Taste Profile so my 7-year-old’s obsessive random hunting for her music on my Spotify profile will still play hell on the recommendations I get.

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