WWDC23 to be held June 5th!
Photo source: Apple

     By: Nick Gambino

Apple has officially invited media outlets to their Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote on June 5th. WWDC23 is where we’ll see all the new software reveals and, if we’re lucky, the rumored mixed reality headset.

Apple has never said a word about the mixed reality headset, let alone acknowledged that it would be released at the upcoming annual event. That of course doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. Strong rumors supported by reliable sources suggest we’re going to finally see what Apple has been up to in the AR/VR space.

Ok so, what should we expect if they do lift the curtain on the new Apple mixed reality device? Well, rumors suggest it will run on a completely new operating system called xrOS and be powered by the M2 processor chip.

The headset will probably use OLED displays on the inside which should make for a crystal-clear picture when you’re in another world. But taking things further, it looks like it might have a display on the outside for people to interact with you.

We don’t know much more, but you can almost guarantee if this thing does come out, it’ll be slimmer and lighter than most VR headsets on the market today. Apple has always chased the slimmer/lighter design.

In terms of how much it’ll cost, who knows. Some are saying it could fetch a whopping $3,000. Only time will tell if that price tag will be worth it and whether the average consumer is willing to pay it.

Now, if Tim Cook or anybody else at Apple are going to unveil the mixed reality headset, that will happen on the first day during the keynote.

WWDC23 is set for June 5th – 9th with the keynote kicking things off on the first day at 10am PST / 1pm EST. While the press will be on site in Apple Park in Cupertino, you can watch the keynote on Apple.com, through the Apple TV app or on YouTube.