Bose Releases 3 New Headphones for 2023

By: Nick Gambino

Bose has been synonymous with quality headphones for decades. They all but invented noise-canceling technology that allowed audiophiles and audio dilettantes alike to drown out the world and sink into a landscape of sound.

One of the ways Bose has managed to stay on top of their game for so long is by focusing on quality rather than speed. Unlike some other brands, they don’t drop a new product every year. Take for example their popular Quiet Comfort 700 line. Those bad boys were released four years ago.

Well, they got the memo that it was time and now Bose has released the update to the QuietComfort ear cans – the QuietComfort Ultra Headphones. We got our first look at these new guys some months ago when images leaked online. It turns out those leaks were pretty accurate.

To put it simply, the new QuietComfort Ultras feature improved sound quality, heightened noise-canceling ability and a better overall design that fits more heads.

Bose knew they needed to update to stay relevant and so they are also releasing the QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds to compete with Airpods Pro. These in-earbuds are the successor to the QuietComfort Earbuds 2 that were released in 2022.

The Earbuds aren’t a huge departure from their predecessor but feature a six-hour battery, a metallic look and a better fit.

The final in the trio of Bose releases is the QuietComfort Headphones which replaces the QuietComfort 45. This one doesn’t get the “Ultra” distinction and is a lot like the 45. It looks like it’s mostly a rebranding release. And unlike the other two new releases, the QuietComfort Headphones don’t offer spatial audio.

You can pre-order all of the new Bose headphones now with a shipping date in October for the Ultra products and September 21st for the non-Ultra Headphones. Prices: QuietComfort Ultra Headphones ($429), QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds ($299) and QuietComfort Headphones ($349).