By: Nick Gambino

CES 2024 is gearing up in Las Vegas and, as is tradition, a lot of the exhibiting companies are announcing new products ahead of time.

As is also expected there are a number of TVs that will be on display at the annual event, but what may not have been expected is the inclusion of souped-up AI processing in said TVs. Everything’s been coming up “AI” this past year, so it does make sense.

LG is leading the pack with the announcement of their 2024 lineup of OLED TVs, including the LG Signature OLED M4 and LG OLED G4. Each is fitted with the Alpha 11 AI processor which works in real time to up the visual and audio performance of your TV, especially when you’re gaming.

Essentially what the Alpha 11 is doing is upscaling the motion image to get rid of blur, making the overall image that much crisper. According to LG, this little guy packs a punch, improving graphic performance by 70% and processing speed by 30%.

“Moreover, the ingenious AI processor adeptly refines colors by analyzing frequently used shades that best convey the mood and emotional elements intended by the filmmakers and content creators,” the LG press release further details.

In terms of audio, the resident AI Sound Pro provides “richer and fuller audio” by separating out vocals from the backing audio to make dialogue more clear while also directing sounds so it feels like it’s emanating from the center of the screen.

Roku has similarly announced new AI-powered TVs before they show them off at CES – the Roku Pro TVs. Using Mini LEDs for local dimming they can create more localized enhancement to the image. Different sections of the TV display can be dimmed or brightened depending on what’s called for on screen.

Like the LG OLEDs, these new Roku TVs also leverage the power of AI. Settings will automatically adjust according to what you’re watching, saving you from having to manually scroll through a ton of setting options whenever you flip between sports and narrative TV.

I just hope this AI is smart enough to turn off smooth motion whenever a movie is playing.