The game of roulette can be traced back centuries; while the game is believed to have been created in the 17th Century in France, similar forms of roulette can be observed in different areas around the world throughout the years. Due to restrictions surrounding gambling and many countries criminalizing the practice, roulette’s popularity has ebbed and flowed throughout the years. However, it has consistently remained one of the most widely played, traditional gambling games.

The world’s first official casino was opened in Italy in the 1600s, with similar establishments founded in other countries around Europe. Roulette became a staple alongside other classic games such as blackjack, poker and baccarat and still remains a favorite today. Today, roulette continues to attract a new generation of fans through the rise of the online casino, this advancing technology serving to transform the gambling industry.

The Benefits of Playing Online Roulette

Gamblers choosing to play roulette online can take advantage of a wide range of benefits compared to playing the game in a land-based casino. One of the biggest benefits is its convenience and accessibility. Online casinos allow gamers to access blackjack around the clock with no restrictions, and for those who live in areas where gambling is prohibited, they no longer need to travel to enjoy their favorite games.

The immense capabilities of today’s smartphone has further revolutionized the industry; players can access online casinos wherever they are with a few clicks, whether they are at home or out and about. The land-based casino is also restricted by the number of spaces at each roulette table, whereas online casinos provide unlimited capacity.

In addition, online operators offer a wide variety of their gaming options. In contrast to land-based casinos which will always be restricted by physical space, online gamblers can enjoy different variants, as well as 3D and live dealer games which offer users an even more realistic gaming experience.

The computer software underpinning the online casino allows winnings to be calculated quickly and efficiently, rather than relying on human dealers. Players can therefore receive their rewards promptly and avoid waiting for long periods in between games.

Helpful Tips for Playing Online Roulette

Techniques for playing online roulette share much in common with techniques for playing live roulette at a casino, although there are some tips which solely apply to the online version.

Select a Reputable Online Casino

Before taking the plunge, it’s crucial to do adequate research and select a reputable online casino. Online casinos are required to comply with relevant legislation and obtain licenses before offering casino games; these websites utilize up-to-date security features to ensure their players are protected at all times.

Gambling money on websites which do not have the necessary certification is fraught with risk and can result in data breaches and the theft of personal and financial information.

Play for Free Before Spending Money

The most popular online casinos offer opportunities to play the game for free before betting money. This enables users to get to know the game properly before betting, understanding the strategies and the different bets which can be placed. Some online casinos also offer new players free spins as a welcome bonus.

It is also wise to look for websites which offer players loyalty bonuses and rewards for their custom.

Set a Betting Limit

It’s important to set a limit for wagering money and this varies according to each player. Identifying a budget helps players to stay within sensible limits and avoid losing too much money. Gamblers should always remember to never bet what they cannot afford.

Aim for Frequent, Smaller Wins

For the average player with a standard budget, betting large sums of money can be counter-productive. Betting smaller amounts will make the budget and the enjoyment of the game last longer; players can also choose to lower their bets as their money decreases.

Focus on Outside Rather Than Inside Bets

Outside bets are statistically more likely to pay out than inside bets. Inside bets are indicated by the numbered grid and the lines intersecting them, whereas outside bets refer to boxes outside of the numbered grid. Players can select red or black, odd or even and high-low spots.

Although the payouts are not as high as those for inside bets, these have a higher probability of occurring, allowing players to continue playing for longer.

Choose European Roulette

The two main variants of the classic game are European and American roulette. There is very little difference between the two and at first glance, the tables and wheels may look identical. However, American roulette includes a green 0 and a green 00 along with the numbers 1 – 36, while European roulette only has 0. This makes a significant difference to the house edge as the additional 00 number decreases the odds of winning.

Playing roulette online is an excellent way to learn the basics of this classic game and understand the techniques for gamblers to maximize their winnings. With the added promotions and bonuses offered by online casinos, players can minimize their losses while employing sensible techniques to ensure they can keep playing for longer.