Image Source: Microsoft

By: Nick Gambino

It looks like Microsoft is gearing up to release the newest iterations of its popular Surface products. According to Windows Central, the Surface Pro 10 and the Surface Laptop 6 will be unveiled at an event on March 21st.

The Verge contends this, saying that only the commercial products are getting an update, with consumer models expected at a later date. Whatever the details, it seems both agree something is going down in a couple of weeks.

While it doesn’t look like the new Surface devices will look much different from their predecessors in terms of design, the guts are getting a big boost. Supposedly both the Surface Pro 10 and Laptop 6 will house the newest Intel Core Ultra and Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite.

There will also be Arm options available to those who don’t want the Intel chips. Outfitted with that kind of processing power, this could put the Microsoft duo on par with the Apple MacBook Pro and iPad Pro.

And of course, what kind of 2024 hardware upgrade would this be without mention of AI? Microsoft has not shied away from embracing the wave of AI that has hit our shores in the past year.

Word on the street is that there’s a Windows 11 update coming later this year that harnesses the power of the burgeoning AI technology. The new Surface tablet and laptop are outfitted with powerful neural processing units (NPUs) to properly power AI performance, especially when coupled with Windows 11.

“This is one of the most significant updates to the Surface hardware line in recent memory,” Andrew Tropeano, a technology expert with NWT Media (, said of the upcoming changes. “By doing some real work under the hood, they’re revving the new Surface Pro 10 and Laptop 6 up to compete for attention on both a professional and consumer level.”

Supposedly there’s an OLED display version coming for the Surface Pro 10, but it’s unclear whether that will be unveiled in the March event. We’ll know soon enough.