Mr. Beast Will Give $5 Million to Winner of New Prime Video Show

By: Nick Gambino

Mr. Beast is known for essentially gamifying charity and goodwill. The popular YouTube personality regularly partakes in lavish stunts and competitions worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The kicker is these “stunts” actually seem to do some good in the world.

Such is the premise of his newest endeavor, an Amazon Prime Video reality competition show called Beast Games where he will give $5 million to the winner.

“Big news gamers,” Mr. Beast aka Jimmy Donaldson, said in an X post. “I’m going to be filming the largest game show in history and releasing it on Prime Video! Over 1,000 contestants, $5,000,000 prize, and many other world records.”

The idea is to take what he has already been doing on YouTube and blow it up to something even bigger. Which in itself is an insane notion, considering how crazy big he already goes. Now that he won’t be constrained by YouTube thumbnails and algorithms, he can just go wild. He says this will be 20 times better in large part due to the budget he’ll get to worth with. We all know Amazon’s money is long.

The most Mr. Beast has ever given away in prize money up until to this point is $456,000. That was when he held his own Squid Games after the success of the Netflix show and before the steamer produced their own version of the reality game show. Both had a lot less killing, obviously.

YouTubers haven’t traditionally jumped to TV or big screens in any successful way. That said, Mr. Beast is unlike anyone who has come before him. He’s got the largest follower base on YouTube, coming in at a whopping 245 million subscribers. And he’s only 25 years old which is a fact that makes it even more impressive.

With Amazon giving him an insane budget and the creative license to go big, I’m excited to see what he pulls off. We should get more details soon, including when it’s expected to stream on Prime Video.