Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Freeletics – Mobile Fitness Training | App Review

App Review If you are the type of person who hears about a new fitness program, gives yourself a goal, starts up on it, then eventually just stops following the program, then...

Alarm Caller – Never Oversleep Again | NewsWatch Review

App Review If you are an over sleeper - or the type of person that no matter how long the alarm’s been going off you stay asleep – or even if you...

Ignite – Plan the Party Together | NewsWatch Review

App Review Have you ever tried to plan an activity with a group of friends and through the process end up feeling like you’re getting nowhere on making a collective decision? I’m...

Party Pic – Temporary Photo Albums | NewsWatch Review

App Review A great new social media innovative app called Party Pic has hit the market.  Intended as a location based temporary social media app, Party Pic allows you to post and...

Minute of Life – Sharing Video Messages | NewsWatch Review

App Review With texts and a million other forms of messaging, communications are lightning fast and abundant. So much so that most messages don’t involve much thought.  But if you want to...

InnerGroup – Keep Your Friends Close | NewsWatch Review

App Review Social media networks like Facebook are great but can get a little out of control when you start to have hundreds or even thousands of “friends” - most of who...

REEF Polling – Interactive Lecture App | NewsWatch Review

App Review Remember when sitting in class doing nothing but listening to the professor was boring and made it difficult to focus? Keeping students engaged in class is vital in the world...

Who has the Kids – Family Management App | NewsWatch Review

App Review Family life can be hectic, especially when the kids get older. With everybody running on a different schedule and with different activities planned, it can be hard to stay organized. ...

Sygic – Navigation App | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review Now that we live in an era run by technology, most people can’t live without a GPS app. Although there are many variations of GPS applications, Sygic is incredibly efficient. Sygic...

Etup – Pay With Your Selfie | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review It is widely known and acknowledged that a key aspect of a successful business is providing an authentic and convenient experience, especially when it comes to the food industry. One...
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