Saturday, December 3, 2022

Yoga Studio: Mind & Body – All-in-One Yoga and Meditation App | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch When it comes to relieving stress in both the mind and body, there’s nothing better than a calming and relaxing yoga session. The Yoga Studio: Mind & Body is an all-in-one yoga...

RV PetSafety – Always Keep an Eye on Your Pets | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Extreme temperatures, either hot or cold, can prove fatal to pets. Just last year, over 1,000 pets died due to extreme temperatures when left unmonitored. We all know how terrifying it can...

WaterWatch PRO – Accurate, Hyper-Focused Rainfall Data on Your Smartphone | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch People who are construction managers, stormwater inspectors, or civil and environmental engineers need details on how much rain fell and when it's going to rain next. Having the “right” info helps you...

PortalOne.Inc – The Gaming World, Reimagined

PortalOne makes the world's first hybrid game a whole new category of entertainment on your phone that combines casual games with live shows, embedded directly inside the games. The entire mobile...

BEAKER – Chemistry Experiment App | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Chemistry is an exciting subject that students love to study. Mainly because they get to see things fizz and bubble and eventually blow up. But there are certain rules, regulations and...
spotted placesvideo

Spotted Places – Travel on Friend Recommendations | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch If you’re a traveler, you rely on recommendations from your friends and fellow travelers to find hidden gems and perfect experiences. However, most current sites and apps are filled with thousands...
Farm at Handvideo

Farm at Hand – Cloud-Based Farm Management Software | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch This country was built by the hard work of farmers, and though the basic principles of farming haven’t changed, technology has made huge strides in recent years. Farm at Hand is...

Cross-Stitch World – Cross-Stitch on Your Smartphone | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Looking for the next mobile game to relax and pass the time with? Well, we found one that’ll keep you busy for hours. Cross-Stitch World brings the relaxing therapy of cross-stitching...

Encrypt Your DNS Queries with SecureDNS | Newwatch Review

AppWatch Domain Name Systems or DNS are often referred to as the phone book of the internet. You may not be aware of this service but every time you type in a website,...

Bigfoot – Curated Guide for Clash Royale Decks and Pokemon Go | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Gaming is fun but only when you know how to play it. Let's just say that having a game assistant definitely helps. Bigfoot is a mobile game assistant specialized in-game-guide while you...
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