Saturday, December 2, 2023

Wildflower Seed – An Easier Gardening Life | NewsWatch Review

Business Review It’s summer time and the living’s easy. However, if you’re gardening that may not be the case. With overweight tools that seem like they’re designed for big burly construction workers,...

Holonis – Your Smarter Marketplace | NewsWatch Review

Business Review Let's face it, we have moved into a digital age. It is a period full of change. If you own or operate a business there is no denying you...

Zapper – Pay Your Restaurant Bill Securely and with Ease

AppWatch If you run a restaurant and are trying to figure out ways to speed up service and increase the turnover rate on tables, check out Zapper. It’s a helpful and free...

PayVerifi – Secure Payment Authorization

Biz Report If you own a business there is a good chance you have experienced the headache that accompanies setting up a “card not present” payment portal. In other words, processing a...

LoanMart – Simple Small Business Loans

Business Review LoanMart is offering a new option to provide funding to small businesses where traditional lenders requirements make it difficult to. To learn more about their lending options, visit today.
Google Alphabet

Google to Reorganize Into New Company Called “Alphabet”

Biz Report By: Rabeca Smith Who among us would love to pursue any project our little hearts desired? The answer is simple - everyone would love to do that.  But we don’t all have...
English Premiere League

The Incredible Wealth Of English Premier League Teams

Sports fans around the world have been excited this month about the return of English Premier League soccer, and it already feels as if the season is fully underway. The top...

FlightCar – The Airbnb for Car Rentals

FlightCar is ready to change the dynamics of airport car rental and parking in the world. Similar to Airbnb that brought the revolution of renting out empty rooms in your house...

Bellucci – Authentic Italian Olive Oil and App | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Review Something you probably don’t think about too often is the olive oil business. Many people don’t realize that there are numerous cases of fraud being reported in the industry. This...

Leondrino – Create Branded Currencies| Biz Report

Biz Report With the recent financial woes we’ve seen across the world, it’s become clear that you need a secondary monetary option. Not to mention currency needs to be reigned in. Check...

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Tesla Delivers First Cybertrucks

By: Nick Gambino The wait is over, at least for a special few who received delivery of their Tesla Cybertruck at an event on Thursday...

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