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NettiCasinoBox: Launch of the New Gambling Guide in Finland

We are glad to present you a gambling platform launched in March 2019 in Finland and aimed at all users who want to be aware of the latest trends of the...
contact lens

5 Common Contact Lens Problems and How to Tackle Them

Wearing contacts is a much safer alternative than glasses and not that expensive either. But there are some common issues that all contact lenses wearers face. Here are 5 of those top...

Airbnb Has an Unlikely Competitor – Marriott Hotels

By: Nick Gambino Airbnb is essentially the Uber of short-term home rentals. Up until a few years ago, hotels and motels were the only option when you were out of town and...

‘Hey Google, Tell Me a Story’ Comes to Mobile

By: Nick Gambino Smart speakers like the Amazon Echo and Google Home are finding more and more ways to integrate with your daily activities. A simple, “Alexa, set timer for 20 minutes”...
sports betting

Sports Betting: Make Successful Bets Like A Pro

Are you a sports betting fresher? Many people are more drawn to sports betting these days. It is because it’s fun, simple, thrilling and most importantly, it allows you to gain...

Twitter Adds Report Feature for Those Tweets Spreading False Voter Information

By: Nick Gambino With all that has been done and said about the 2016 U.S. presidential election, which I won’t rehash here for the sake of our sanity, social media platforms have...

Understanding the Effects of Autism

As a behavioral health condition across many communities, autism or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is becoming increasingly common as the CDC reports numbers are on the rise. Of the 3.8 million...
financial plan

What to Avoid As You Make Your Financial Plan

Issues of personal finances are the most important and they also need your attention. Financial issues can become very problematic in your years of retirement. You cannot wake up and decide...
build wealth

How to Face Your Financial Insecurity and Build More Wealth

It can feel like you’re all alone when facing financial insecurity, but in reality, you’re among a crowd of others dealing with the same issues. According to CareerBuilder, 78 percent of...

Uber Releases New Feature That Reminds Users to “Check Your Ride”

By: Nick Gambino After a horrific incident a few weeks ago where an Uber rider was killed after getting into the wrong car, the ride-hailing app has released a new security feature...
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Disney Nabs Full Control of Hulu

By: Nick Gambino Disney’s diabolical plan to gain control of everything in the known universe just racked up another major win. Comcast handed over the...

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