Thursday, November 15, 2018

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Freshman Year

How To Survive Your Freshman Year of College

Freshman year of college is going to be both fun and stressful. There is a great difference between high school and college life. In college, students have a lot of freedom and...

6 Business Ideas to Start at University

What Student Entrepreneurs Should Consider Taking care of bills while still on campus can be a challenging activity that requires the student to think of other ways of making money other than...

Instagram Adds Even More Dramatic Superzoom Effects

By: Nick Gambino Instagram has doubled down on their Superzoom effect that first made an appearance last year. They’ve just added six more Superzooms for those looking to spice up their Stories...
Hyrdogen ONE smartphone

Everything to Know About RED Hydrogen One Phone

By: Nick Gambino It seems like it’s taken just short of forever for RED to release their long-ago-announced Hydrogen One smartphone, and with the recent announcement that they were moving the release...

The Difference Between On-Device and Cloud-AI: Which is Right for You?

We use artificial intelligence daily, probably without being aware that we're using AI. Google Maps, Gmail, Paypal and Uber apps, are just a few of the many examples. So, when it...
Google Assistant

Google Assistant is Now Bilingual

By: Nick Gambino Google’s resident voice assistant aptly titled “Google Assistant” just picked up a new trick that might just woo consumers away from the Amazon Echo. The assistant, and therefore Google...

You Can Now Stream Classic 90s Nickelodeon Shows

By: Nick Gambino Retro is in, and for many, 90s retro is where they live. With the explosion of social media, it seems anyone who experienced even a minute of youth in...
Netflfix and iTunes

Netflix Tests Cutting Out iTunes

By: Nick Gambino Netflix is not only king of streaming video content but also happens to be one of the most lucrative iOS apps for Apple. Now it appears Netflix is looking...
ai dog

The Sony Robot Dog, Aibo, Can Be Yours If You Can Afford It

By: Nick Gambino Back at CES 2018 in January, Newswatch got a glimpse of the newly resurrected Sony robot dog, Aibo. Now the promising little furless pet is coming to the U.S,...

Ways The Internet Is Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed In Niche Markets

Technology and the Internet have revolutionized the way people do business over the past few decades. The number of organizations popping up every day is making competition extremely difficult for some,...
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What's Hot

Windows 10 Users Can Now Use Alexa

By: Nick Gambino There’s now an Alexa App designed specifically for your Windows 10 PC. Some of you may remember that they released a preview...

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