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build wealth

How to Face Your Financial Insecurity and Build More Wealth

It can feel like you’re all alone when facing financial insecurity, but in reality, you’re among a crowd of others dealing with the same issues. According to CareerBuilder, 78 percent of...

Uber Releases New Feature That Reminds Users to “Check Your Ride”

By: Nick Gambino After a horrific incident a few weeks ago where an Uber rider was killed after getting into the wrong car, the ride-hailing app has released a new security feature...

Twitter to Add ‘Hide Replies’ Feature so You Can Silence the Masses

By: Nick Gambino In an effort to give users some additional control over the conversations they start on the platform, Twitter just announced a “Hide Replies” feature. The feature, which is set to...

Choosing The Right Package: HBO Go or HBO Now?

Those who love streaming content now have a choice between HBO Go and HBO Now. Home Box Office is one of the companies that have served its customers with streaming content...

Pre-Order Samsung Galaxy Fold on Friday

By: Nick Gambino If CES taught us anything this year, it’s that every company involved in mobile tech has their own version of a foldable device in the works. From the small...

6 Reasons Why Content Writing is the Important Part of Marketing

What is content you ask? Well, it's everything from social media and video to web copy and blogs. So pretty much anything your business puts online. Clever content strategies are what...
online jobs

Top 7 Online Jobs of the Future for Students

We are living in a wonderful time. The job market is undergoing significant changes. Many old jobs are disappearing, and some of are being replaced by new ones. The internet is...
travel light

How to Travel Light

Most people love to travel. That way they get to see the world. However, the one problem that people have with travel is that they cannot pack light when they travel....

Alexa Now Offers Long-Form News Briefings

By: Nick Gambino Alexa, like most voice assistants, has been in the news business for a while now. If you were to ask one of these trusty...
play strategically

Which Casino Games Can You Play Strategically?

In today’s casino-mad online gaming world, plenty is made of the difference between skill and luck in the different games on offer. Many people see it as a simple...
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Starting Now You Can Order Food Delivery from Google Maps

By: Nick Gambino It’s been a big week for food delivery. First, we caught wind of Uber’s plan to introduce an Uber Eats Pass that...

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