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BiznetTo some, spreadsheets and the software that you create them with can be quite intimidating. From the rows and columns to the myriad of keyboard shortcuts, it is a formidable and very powerful tool. Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular software programs among individuals and businesses who understand its power and capability. Thousands, if not millions, use it for organizing and calculating data. Business users unfortunately run into the issue of spending too much time updating, consolidating information, and formatting reports in Excel. Time is money, and the more time spent on updating Excel spreadsheets ends up being money wasted. BizNet Software saw this issue and decided to take on the challenge to make this process easier and better. With BizNet’s integrated software, BizInsight, you can create live interactive Excel reports using any data and share them with hundreds of users.

With it, anyone can create and share information five times faster. In today’s world, one big concern is that we have information everywhere. Whether it is in the cloud, different business systems, or even across spreadsheets. It is easy for it to become outdated. This can become a major issue if your job requires up to the minute accuracy. BizInsight allows Excel to create live connections to any data, anywhere. It will drill into the numbers behind the numbers, thus increasing your ability to get up to date accurate information.


You can also send multiple reports with just a single click within Excel. It’s a simple and powerful add-in that is accessible, easy to use, and affordable.  Using data in your spreadsheet or any one of BizNet’s 70 pre-built connectors, Excel can connect to cloud and on site business systems like Epicor, SAP, Intacct, and Microsoft Dynamics. In a cloud-based digital world where everything must be connected and accurate, BizNet makes Excel an easier and better experience.

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