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Care for expectant mothers is critical. There are a lot of steps to take to make sure a mother’s body is getting the proper treatment and nutrition so that her baby can grow healthy and strong. With so much information out there, it can be overwhelming. It is not only hard to stay on top of what care a mother should be receiving, but also at what time in their baby’s development. If you are an expecting parent, take a look at the app My Pregnancy CaPl, which is short for Care Plan.CaPlFirst off you need to enter all of your relevant medical information into Pregnancy Capl, the app serves two purposes. First off, the app is designed to make sure you are aware of your risk of developing pregnancy problems. You are then provided with correct data on what kind of care you should be receiving week to week. This includes what exams or tests you should be getting, what kind of treatment as well as information on your stage of pregnancy. There are also 3D animated videos which illustrate various tests and stages, so it is crystal clear. Pregnancy CaPl’s secondary purpose is to keep you informed and prepared for your doctor visits. With CaPl guiding you through the process you can be sure the doctor is making the correct decisions for you.

There is also a contraction timer, kick counter and other cool tools. The app is not only important for those in developed society, it is even more important for those in undeveloped regions as they may not have access to doctors regularly. This app provides essential medical information to those who need it most. Pregnancy CaPl goes for $1.99 on iOS and Android devices but is free in Sub-Saharan Africa. To get it today, simply go to your appstore and search “Pregnancy CaPl.”

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