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ScanalyticsTracking statistics in business is invaluable in analyzing and growing your enterprise. When it comes to retail this goes a step beyond revenue statistics and tracking how much merchandise you’re moving. You should be able to get a closer, more exact tracking of customers moving through your store. With the innovative new platform, Scanalytics, you can now get a full picture of when and how customers enter and move through a store, a booth at an event, or any other situation you want to measure and analyze.

Let’s break it down. With the intelligent floor sensor system you can easily track things like when a customer enters your store, whether or not they hesitate at the entrance, which product displays they spend the most time at, what time of day see the highest amount of foot traffic, and even erratic movement indicating a lack of a streamlined flow in your store. It enables businesses to maximize customer engagements, predict patterns and increase customer retention. You can utilize them in small areas like an entrance/exit, or larger areas Scanalyticslike an entire department or store.  The install is super simple requiring an easy plug-and-play installation of the sensors under your carpet or a simple black mat that you might find at the entrance of a store or in front of a display. Each sensor is only 1/32 of an inch thick, making it completely inconspicuous. On the backend, you can get detailed reports breaking it all down in statistical form.

The data tools are designed to be easy to understand and use so you spend less time learning a new system and more time analyzing your business. They’ve got a pretty smart set-up whereby the company leases the hardware to you while you subscribe to the accompanying data and software. That way you can decide if you just want to use it for a few days to get an idea of your customer flow or use it for several yearsScanalytics to track changes throughout different periods. Scanalytics gives you insight into your daily operation never before possible, short of a camera following every customer around, which is creepy to say the least.  With over 10 million impressions worldwide and clients like Microsoft and Trek Bikes, Scanalytics is the next big thing in business data analytics.

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