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The idea, “let your money work for you” is a sound concept. However, accomplishing this and knowing how to succeed are two different things. The best idea is to have the long term in mind, and making sound investments is a good way to ensure financial safety in the future. Of course, that is easier said than done. If you ever feel lost while making investing decisions, check out It’s a new tool that simplifies the decision making process and presents the current market direction in an understandable and easily digestible format. and their accompanying app are based on a state of the art trend detection and clustering algorithm that provides you with well organized and objective information from markets around the globe in real-time. On the website you will find four main tools consisting of the Market Overview, the Current Stock Market trends, the Screener, and the ETF List. The Market Overview has a list of the strongest market trends, sorted by trend horizons. You can adjust the trend horizons to show information anywhere from minutes, all the way to years. The Current Stock Market Trends tool lets you apply filters to find trending currencies, commodities, stocks or ETFs in any industry, at any price level, and in any state of trend. Last but not least, the screener tool aggregates stocks and ETFs on the internet so you can filter and view them in any way possible.

They also have an app that provides market trends which is a simplified version of the website. Their twitter handle is worth following as well. On it they automatically tweet important trends on stocks, forex and ETFs throughout the day. There are multiple price levels depending on your needs, as well as a free option.

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