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Dr WillardNatural products are sweeping the marketplace, and consumers are making more informed decisions about the products they use. This includes pet care products.

In the 1960s, a scientist and chemist named, Dr. John Willard, invented a complex water catalyst that alters the molecular structure of normal water. His invention, known simply as Dr. Willard’s Water, makes water more efficient and reactive. It works to improve peoples’, plants and pets overall health and wellness by delivering nutrients at a higher rate. This product is aimed to help animals with health problems or animals that experience stress, but it can also be used for all pets to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Depending on the health of the animal, different dosage amounts are recommended. More than 40 years after the birth of this invention, we had a chance to sit down with Dr. Willard’s grandson, John Willard the 3rd, to learn more about Dr. Willard’s Water.

“Dr. Willard’s water is a patented all natural solution and when its consumed it stimulates a variety of bodily functions such as improved nutrient assimilation, improved antioxidant activity, and boosted vitamin effectiveness to eliminate toxins which can cause premature cell damage.”

–John Willard the 3rdDr Willard - NEwsWatch

The pet care product line has a variety of solutions for animals

“The product line itself is a natural reparative pet care kit because we believe in taking a holistic approach and providing a variety of pet care solutions. We have a pet water drop line that is designed to be added to the water that enhances the dogs overall health and well-being. We have a spray that can address a variety of different skin ailments such as minor cuts and abrasions. We also have a gel which is great for moisturizing the skin and keeping the skin in better overall health.”

–John Willard the 3rd

Willard donates 25 cents to every pet care bottle sold to animal shelters and pet care organizations around the world. So, if you want to learn more about this Dr. Willard’s invention and their other products, you can visit their website.

For more information, head to DrWillard.com.