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You’ve probably heard you shouldn’t place strong magnets around electronics. Why? Well, changing magnetic fields create extra current in nearby wires. Engineers shield devices from additional magnetic fields to avoid such interference. But, a company called Magnetic Innovations discovered that adding more magnets is something that should be embraced.

“The thing about magnetism is that why it’s so unique to explain about magnetism is there really is not a lot known about magnetism. When we look at electromagnetism, there’s this understanding of the electron. But we don’t really know what is responsible for magnetism itself. So today when it comes down to trying to explain what our product does, we are left short with some answers because Maxwell’s equation, the father of electromagnetic theory, is incomplete to this day because nobody knows what creates magnetism. We don’t know what starts it. So in some ways it is hard to explain why this technology works. And then in other ways it seems quite simple. But you have to understand, all the things we think we know, there’s one little aspect of electromagnetism that we just don’t understand and that’s the beginning of it. Where does magnetism come from?”
-Rick Shultz – Founder, Magnetic Innovations

Magnetic Innovations coined the term “magnetic conduction” to describe a new technology that uses magnets as the conductors for electrical current. They’ve applied this new tech to improve the efficiency of signal transfer, circuit pass, and power supplies.

“So magnetic conduction is the technology that we have utilized in order to be able to transfer electrons from point A to point B. And it is different from electrical conduction in that there’s another force of energy, this magnetism that is present in magnetic conduction that isn’t there in regular electrical conduction.”
-Rick Shultz – Founder, Magnetic Innovations

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