ShadowBox – A Unique Lighting Experience | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report

Whether you are a wedding DJ, a professional videographer, or someone who just likes mood lighting at night, smart lighting is something everyone can benefit from. For a bright and vibrant lighting experience check out ShadowBox by VividLite.

ShadowBox is an all-purpose, battery-powered and color-adjustable wireless LED smart lamp that is perfect for any lighting situation. With an average run time of eight to twelve hours on a full charge, ShadowBox is packed with lighting features including fades, flashes and strobes – along with an endless amount of color options. Not only is this smart lamp a ton of fun, but it is also water resistant and magnetized so you can set it up indoors or outdoors and then you can begin controlling it through your smartphone or with the ShadowHub radio transmitter. The ShadowHub allows you to control up to thirty lights and broadcasts its own WiFi network so you can easily connect to your smartphone or tablet. You can choose from any color on the color wheel or from sixteen pre-assigned colors. You can even create groups and assign lights to them, which allows you to create anything from a party vibe across a large space to a romantic scenario in a small apartment. And the music mode is an especially cool feature where the lights will pulse to your favorite song.

So, are you looking for a unique lighting experience? These cool, color-adjustable lights are Android and Apple compatible and available in two colors: black and white. To learn more, head over to today.

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