The internet is the perfect place for niche, handmade goods to find a willing buyer. In fact, thanks to websites like Pinterest, homemade goods are increasingly popular these days. Ecommerce stores are popping up all over the place to meet the demands of those in search of quality goods that cannot be found or sourced anywhere else. However, what if you only make or sell one singular item? Is it worth the time and effort required to develop a website in order to sell a single product?

The short answer is yes; yet, it is entirely up to how much control you’d like to have over your own business. Here are some benefits associated with using ecommerce to sell only one product.

Carve a Spot in Your Niche

To make the most out of your product, you have to really understand what it is and where its target audience lies. Mass market isn’t the only market. As stated earlier, there are plenty of ecommerce websites devoted to selling unique products — just because you only carry one unique item doesn’t make that item have any less value. In fact, selling a single item and being the only place you can get it is a great way to raise the value of your products.

You aren’t stuck in your niche, either. There are many big-name brands that started off with just one product and expanded after establishing themselves.

Narrowed Focus

When you only have one product to work with, your scope of work is drastically reduced. Without all the distractions of creating, managing and selling many products, you can fine-tune the minute details of your focal-point product; which can make it better than any other competitors. This process also allows you to dig further into your niche, by making your personal experience one that can only be attained through your organization.

Website Efficiency

This is tied to the narrow focus, but pertains more directly to the design of your website. With one product, you can showcase all of the unique features in a way that is quickly digested by customers. Even if you are a novice when it comes to site design, the best ecommerce website builders will have prepackaged templates for creating an intuitive design for single-product sellers.

For example, look at the Trinity Coffee website — it’s a single product website that utilizes simplicity as a marketing tool. In clear, understandable terms, the page identifies what the product is, how to effectively use it (with a well-made video showing the design details of the product), why you need it, and that you can make a purchase through a single click.

The price point for their product is high, but this is a product that is clearly marketed toward connoisseurs of great coffee. This ecommerce page ticks all the boxes associated with successfully selling a single product. Trinity Coffee does sell accessories for the Trinity ONE, but that is not their focal point and is at the bottom of their page.

While you can definitely sell products through the big-box companies like Amazon and eBay, if you want to develop a true brand, ecommerce is the only way to go.