SXSW- A Conversation with Frank Oz and Leonard Maltin

South by Southwest is a lot of things. It’s a showcase for budding and established musical talents, a film fiend’s fantasy realized and of course the breeding ground for new and exciting technical innovations.

This year’s SXSW Interactive saw hundreds of promising tech in AI, robotics, VR and AR and so much more. The ones gaining the most attention are those that are on the cutting edge of what’s hot in the tech world; products that ride trends that have already caught the world’s attention but do it in new, previously unheard-of ways.

These are some of the companies and products that have caught our attention.



3D printing has yet to catch fire but always seems to be right on the edge of being everywhere. Wobbleworks seems to get that, hence the creation of the 3Doodler PRO. In a nutshell, this innovative little 3D Pen takes 3D printing and puts it in your hand. Though they offer many 3D pens, the PRO is geared towards artists, designers, engineers and the like. It can print using special material like wood, nylon and copper.



Holoplot may just be the future of high-end speakers. While sound usually travels in spheres and fizzles out the further they travel, Holoplot conceives of a more controlled audio experience. An experience where echoes from sound bouncing off of walls, ceilings and floors are missing, no matter the size of the room. Now you might expect to see something that looks similar to a speaker you would find in your house but that’s not the case. The speaker is pretty much one big, wall-sized surface.



DuoSkin is something out of a movie. Imagine being able to create an interface on your skin that allows you to make gestures that affect your smartphone or reacts as a piece of tech all on its own. That’s what DuoSkin offers. In other words you can turn your arm into a trackpad that will allow you to interact with your smartphone screen. Other DuoSkin “tattoos” can be set to react to your mood. For example, if you are upset your tattoo might change colors. And still others can act as QR codes of sorts or contain embedded information that can be read by an app.


There’s no doubt this year showcases some of the wildest inventions yet at SXSW.