Ohana – High Quality Ukuleles | NewsWatch Review


Teaching children how to play a musical instrument is found to have several cognizant benefits such as increased memory, improved coordination, math skills, a sense of achievement, etc. The list goes on and on.

Cue Ohana, a California family-based company who has made it their mission to provide quality, affordable ukuleles to students and members of their local community.

By providing these incredible and hand-crafted ukuleles to lending programs in libraries, after school programs, school music programs, and the Boys and Girls Club of Venice’s music program, they’ve become a community cornerstone.

In addition, the instruments are pretty cool. Every single ukulele that comes out of their warehouse has been inspected and set up by a trained technician to make sure the final product is of the highest quality and value.

Not only do they offer ukuleles, but Ohana also offers percussion instruments- aptly named the Bongolele and Shakerlele. They also offer the short-scale bass named the OBU-22.

These instruments from Ohana can be purchased from their authorized dealers and online stores. They even have an entire line of ukuleles. From startup instruments that are perfect for beginning musicians to high-end performance models for professionals, Ohana has instruments customized to anyone’s skill level.

Ohana provides an homage to the spirit of family and a passion for music. It also contributes to all walks of life all over the globe. Whether you’re purchasing your first, next or best ukulele, Ohana can help pick the right one.

Ohana prides itself on its high quality, playability, and value when they ship it’s instruments from the warehouse to you. Prior to its shipment, every instrument is thoroughly inspected and set up so the customer can count on an impeccable product.

To learn more about Ohana and their work within their community or to purchase a ukulele, head over to ohana-music.com today.