PageFlip – Page-Flipping Bluetooth Pedal | NewsWatch Review


For musicians everywhere and who turn sheet music while they play are talented to say the least. However, despite all the work that goes into honing such a craft, musicians can all probably share the same, mechanical problem and that is being in need of turning the page. While they’re busy making music with both hands, they have to also be conscious of getting to their next sheet of notes. This creates disruption in the music-making process, not to mention having to worry about if sheets of music will fall off the stand.

PageFlip’s founders came from the backgrounds of occupational therapy and engineering. What brought them to the product of PageFlip was their common frustration with existing page-turning technology that operated poorly.

Thankfully, a better hands-free solution has been created and that is a PageFlip Bluetooth pedal. PageFlip’s mission is to benefit people with disabilities, musicians, and avid readers. Their solution is unique as their mechanical page turners are designed to provide bidirectional hands-free functionalities that are dependable, portable, silent, and most importantly, at low-cost.

With a simple tap of the left or right side of the pedal, the digitized sheet music flips to the next page, all hands free.

With PageFlip, there are 3 pedals and all with a different purpose. They are:

  • The Butterfly: lowest-cost entry-level pedal
  • The Firefly: premium 2-pedal system that features illuminated pedals for use on stage or in dim venues.
  • The Dragonfly: fully integrated four-pedal solution that allows you to trigger four actions such as hands-free navigation among pages and among songs in a set list.

Bluetooth pedals for hands-free page turning can be used on tablets and desktops and is the #1 rated hands-free page turner for musicians.

For more information on PageFlip pedals and to stop manually turning your sheet music, visit their website at today.