ElevenPaths – Protect and Secure Your Company’s Reputation from Attackers | NewsWatch Review


Our world and the businesses that thrive within it are more and more dependent on technology and connectivity every day. But with that dependence comes a more frequent and sophisticated threat that can endanger your company’s economy, reputation, and privacy.

That’s where ElevenPaths, the cybersecurity unit of global Telco, Telefónica, comes in.

ElevenPaths believes in challenging the current state of cybersecurity and continually rethinks the relationship between security and people with the aim of creating innovative products that can transform the concept of security. They know that information is invaluable and will provide the solutions necessary to always stay one step ahead of attackers, an increasing threat in our digital lives.

ElevenPaths offers a wide range of innovative security products and solutions, covering Identity and Privacy, Cybersecurity Services and Security Management and Governance. As the Telefónica cybersecurity unit, ElevenPaths combines the benefits gained from being a large multinational Telco company, with the flexibility of working as a start-up. They have invested heavily in infrastructures, in-house solutions and companies, which along with the company’s extensive network, including nine Security Operations Centres, allows them to prevent, detect and respond to security threats with both global reach and local focus.

Security is a necessity in today’s technological world that depends on connectivity. ElevenPaths delivers disruptive innovation in cybersecurity to bring privacy and trust to our digital lives. To learn more about ElevenPaths and how they can help you to protect your company with better security measures and solutions, head to elevenpaths.com today.