Fix-it-Fuel – Be Good to Your Engine | NewsWatch Review


Have you ever set up your spring yard work only to find out that your outdoor power equipment won’t start? More than likely, your problem is with your fuel due to pump gas from the corner gas station being blended with ethanol. This ends up damaging fuel system components in lawnmowers, string trimmers and other small engines. Ethanol can also be damaging because it absorbs moisture, forms deposits and degrades fuel lines which results in difficulty starting equipment. This ultimately causes inconvenient and expensive repairs because manufacturers’ warranties won’t cover fuel-related problems.

Well, VP Racing Fuels has over 40 years’ experience in formulating performance fuels, and they developed Fix-It-Fuel to make sure your equipment starts when you need it and runs smoothly. VP also continues to introduce new fuels each year that set new standards for performance in automotive, powersports and every other fuel-driven application.

VP Fix-It-Fuel is a fuel system treatment that rejuvenates and cleans poor-running small engines destroyed by ethanol.

Fix-It-Fuel is an ethanol-free fuel system treatment designed to clean and rejuvenate any 2-cycle or 4 cycle small engine damaged by ethanol-blended gas. There’s no need to remove the carburetor or injectors, or visit the repair shop, even if your equipment won’t start at all.

Fix-It-Fuel is formulated to:

  • Remove water that causes corrosion
  • Fix ethanol issues in pump gas
  • Revitalize stale fuel
  • Reduce costly repairs and downtime

All you have to do is simply remove any gas that’s already in your equipment, pour in Fix-It-Fuel, prime the engine, and then let it sit a few hours to penetrate and clean the system.

By using Fix-It-Fuel in your equipment, you’ll save time, money, and not to mention, aggravation. You can also rest assured that it will safely run through your engine while cleansing your equipment’s fuel system.

You can find Fix-It-Fuel at AutoZone, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart or to learn more, head to today.