GOVISION – Give Your Point of View | NewsWatch Review


Wearable cameras are great for capturing thrilling adventures and day-to-day activities. But let’s be honest – are you tired of wearing the mounts, not having your hands free, and being unable to capture footage from your point of view? Well, GOVISION has the solution to change all of that.

GOVISION offers various styles of wearable HD video sunglasses that record and capture the world in front of you. GOVISION lets you non-invasively capture moments, and from your perspective. Now you can capture special events in real time all while being hands-free.

GOVISION’s latest addition is the SOL video recording sunglasses with Bluetooth speakers. When you’re ready, just throw them on to see it, record it, and share it.

The lightweight frame will fit comfortably on your face. All you have to do at this point is to tap the button to start recording your adventures.

Everything will be captured in true 1080p with crystal clarity while GOVISION simultaneously offers 100% UV protection and polarization.

Other products that GOVISION offers include:

  • Action Cameras
  • Dash Cameras
  • Digiteyes
  • Accessories

If you want to take a still photo, there’s a single camera button. When you’re done, simply stop recording. Now you’re ready to share your memories. Simply connect the glasses to your PC or Mac with the data transfer cable to immediately transfer video/photos and to share the experience!

But there’s an even cooler feature being released in the near future: the combination of Royale WiFi HD Video sunglasses and the GOVISION LIVE app will allow you to livestream to social media. We’re not sure about you, but we think that that’s some of the best tech collision we’ve heard of yet.

For more information and to select what GOVISION sunglasses are right for you, head to so you can start capturing your greatest moments today.