Eveline Smart Fertility System – Eliminating the Guesswork and Ensuring Results | NewsWatch Review

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We love highlighting innovative products that combine the traditional with tech and making our lives even more convenient. And for those who are looking to expand their families and are curious in knowing the exact times to do so, rest assured that there is a product for that!

That’s exactly where Eveline Smart Fertility System comes in.

This device is an innovative ovulation testing and tracking solution, working seamlessly with a smartphone to track and predict a woman’s prime ovulation dates.

Figuring out the days in which a woman is fertile can be difficult, not to mention stressful. Eveline Smart Fertility System removes the guesswork. The system comes with an ovulation prediction kit as well as a fertility tracking app. Eveline Smart Fertility System automatically reads and tracks your urinary ovulation test results to identify the 5 fertile days in your cycle.

The app reads the test strip with 99 percent accuracy and then shows and stores the results.

But it goes further by providing you with comprehensive data and a push notification system letting you know when to take the test or to…you know.

Eveline Smart Fertility System provides comprehensive data and push notifications that will remind you on when to take the test and when your peak days are.

There’s even a sharing feature so you can let your partner know your fertile status allowing you to plan accordingly.

Prediction is also possible by tracking records and patterns. In that way, you can fully plan with your partner for the best times to conceive.

Eveline Smart Fertility System utilizes the latest advancements in technology so your life is made easier so you can get to making a family faster.

The Eveline app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. To purchase the Eveline Smart Fertility System head on over to Evelinecare.com today.