TriboTEX – Prevent Wear and Tear on Your Vehicle | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Do you ever wonder what happens to your car after enough wear and tear renders it unusable? Well, cars are generally discarded after about 153,000 miles due to stress and heat caused by friction inside the engine.

Friction and wear are HUGE problems, to say the least, and can bring on a slew of new ones later on. In order to solve these big problems, it’s sometimes required to think small, extremely small in fact. In order to correct wear and tear and essentially reverse the process, the product required would need to be nano-scale small.

Once this product is added to oil and circulates the system, it works to prevent wear and tear on your vehicle. What’s best about this process is the ability to apply TriboTEX yourself. Simply open up the oil cap, put in a syringe worth of the liquid, close the cap, and wait for 15 minutes before you drive. However, if you’re not 100% comfortable applying it yourself, you can always take it to a mechanic and they can apply it for you.

TriboTEX is an award winning product and leading the way on combating the wear on engines using tiny nanoparticles.

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