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The convenience of the internet has made life easier but it comes with a few caveats – specifically slow, cluttered websites that lack anonymity. Ghostery is your one-stop-shop that provides cleaner, faster, and safer web browsing.

Living in the connected world that we do with constant internet browsing, there are thousands of unseen tracking technologies that watch your every move. This is done by connecting you and your browsing data to companies worldwide so they can target you with ads and analyze your browsing behavior. These trackers, however, slow down page load time as they transmit and download data, increase clutter on websites with pop-ups, and put your private information at risk.

Ghostery is a privacy app designed to detect and block tracking technologies as you browse.

Trackers can slow down your internet browsing with unwanted ads and invisible data collectors. By blocking these, Ghostery speeds up page loads, eliminates clutter, and protects your data.

As you visit each site, it lists the trackers detected, which are blocked or allowed based on your settings.

Depending on the site, you may want to allow certain technologies.

You can tailor an options profile that lets you decide where, when and with whom you share your data.on a tracker-by-tracker or page-by-page basis.

A list of some of the Ghostery products include:

  • Browser Extension
  • Privacy Browser
  • Cliqz Browser
  • Cliqz Mobile Browser

For example, you might decide to allow your weather app to track your location to let you know if it will rain where you are today.

Ghostery features the world’s largest tracker library, offering the most complete privacy protection available.

Ghostery is compatible with all major browsers, iOS, and Android. So no matter if you’re using a Mac, PC, Phone or Tablet, Ghostery has you covered. Visit to install it for free today!