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Consumer Update

Per the CDC, 23 percent of Americans suffer from arthritis, a leading cause of disability among adults in the U.S. Some of those afflicted seem to think that their only solutions for relieving pain are medication and surgery.

Dr. Arthritis is a company founded by a group of doctors looking to change that outlook.
These are doctors with intimate knowledge of patients and the rheumatological and orthopedic conditions they suffer from.

With their line of products aimed at arthritis and other joint conditions, they offer a solution to relieve discomfort and pain.

Products include gloves and sleeves for hands, elbows, knees, cuffs, ankles, and feet.
Infused with copper and through the use of compression, they help to reduce swelling and pain, while offering much-needed support.

Having worked with patients for many years and seeing the impact that arthritis has on a person’s life helped Doctor Arthritis achieve the goal to help as many arthritic individuals as possible. Alongside their joint compression products, each of their customers receives a “The Dr. Arthritis Handbook” containing specific information on the condition, treatments, and exercises for the joint or muscle affected by arthritis.

The compression gloves infused with copper are developed with consideration and care towards each and every patient. Each glove or sleeve comes with a doctor written handbook outlining all the basic information patients should know about the joint affected.

This outlines the various conditions as well as exercises for strengthening joints and advice on lifestyle measures to improve symptoms

By offering products to help relieve symptoms while also educating, those who suffer from arthritis and other joint conditions are put back in the driver’s seat. Doctor Arthritis has a passion for helping patients achieve a good, pain-free life.

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