GAMEVICE – Ultimate Gaming Gadget for Your Mobile Device | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Gaming is a thriving market roping in users of all ages. Now it helps that there are so many different ways to play, including PCs, consoles and of course mobile. There are dedicated mobile gaming devices that you can spend your money on but you already have the most powerful mobile gaming device in your pocket, your phone.

GAMEVICE is a controller that transforms your phone into a fully functioning console unleashing a whole new level of gaming.

Mobile console gaming is becoming more of a reality. By combining the latest iOS device from Apple with Gamevice, you receive incredible gaming experience. Apple iOS devices contain processors and storage on par with the most popular of consoles.

Compatible with 950 games, GAMEVICE offers all the functionality that tends to make consoles “superior.”

You have standard triggers, two joysticks, two back triggers, a D-pad and 4 buttons.

Simply click in and go. You’ll find it gives you a particular edge over competitors in PvP games.

There’s a GAMEVICE controller for each of the past 3 generations of iPhones, 4 generations of iPad Minis, and even one for the iPad Pro.

The graphics and size of the screen with a standard controller set-up blows me away.

They’re currently working on the Samsung version which should be coming soon.

GAMEVICE controllers are available in Apple Stores throughout the U.S. but can also be ordered online from