Let’s Be Chefs – Healthy and Simple Meals All from Your Phone | NewsWatch Review


Trying to figure out what’s for dinner can be incredibly stressful. And it doesn’t matter if you’re just feeding yourself or the whole family. You might have tonight figured out but what about the next night? And the night after that? Check out the app Let’s Be Chefs.

This easy-to-use menu and recipe app removes all the mental work that goes into planning meals. Each week you’ll be sent recipes right to your phone. Meals are healthy and simple with no crazy ingredients. So don’t worry, you won’t be working with Octopus or something weird.

Instead, the app learns your likes and dislikes based on how you rate recipes. So each week you’ll receive a menu that is tailored to your taste buds. 5-star rated recipes are instantly added to your favorites allowing you to switch out meals with a simple tap. Plan your whole week in under 2 minutes by easily adjusting the dates and times on your menu and setting notifications to remind you when it’s time to start cooking.

And did I mention all your ingredients are easily added to a built-in grocery list and sorted by aisle? When you start cooking, your phone screen will automatically stay on and you can highlight each step so you don’t lose your place. So before you find yourself wondering “what’s for dinner?”…

Head to the Apple App or Google Play Store today to download Let’s Be Chefs and begin your free trial.