Trade Ideas – Helping to Manage Your Stocks Through AI | NewsWatch Review

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There’s so much talk of Artificial Intelligence these days and what it could mean for the advancement of not only technology but the way in which we carry out our daily lives. In the world of investing, there’s been a lot of interest in what’s known as Robo Investing. But Trade Ideas, a San Diego-based company, has one-upped Robo Investing by creating their very own AI that can play the stock market. Here’s how it works.

The AI, known as Holly, searches for statistical advantages in real-time and provides signals to users, telling them which stocks to buy and how to manage the investment properly in order to achieve significant gains or as they call it in the finance world, “Alpha.” Holly works much like the NFL on draft day. But to Holly, every day is draft day.

After the market closes she uses different and specific algorithms, comparing them to each other to determine “which players to draft” or which stocks are better. This is known as “The Quantitative Combine.”

Finally investing doesn’t have to be so scary. Head over to for more information on pricing and what you need to get started.