YouTube Ticketmaster

By: Nick Gambino

In an effort to foster a relationship between musical artists and their fans, YouTube is partnering up with Ticketmaster to sell tickets right through its platform.

With billions upon billions of views and endless avid users perusing the Google-owned platform every second of every day, we are sure to see a huge bump on the concert ticket seller’s site. To plug into that kind of audience is no small deal. Now if they could get a similar deal with Spotify they’d be poised to take over the world.

On an artist’s official video from their Vevo page you’ll see a Ticketmaster section in the description below. By default it’ll show the next three shows but you can expand it to see all dates. It’ll also show you the nearest show to your location on the left side. See The Man video by The Killers for an example.

The Ticketmaster integration works on both the web as well as the YouTube mobile app. Through a web browser you’ll see the tickets option at the bottom of the description while on the mobile app (at least in the iOS app I checked out) it appears just below the video, in the beginning of the description.

When you click on it you’ll be taken directly to Ticketmaster to purchase your ticket with a $10,000 service fee per ticket. Ok, an exaggeration, but still.

“We’ve been experimenting with ways we can offer a ticketing experience to fans and we’re excited to announce our first ticketing partnership with Ticketmaster,” the announcement read. “Starting today, we will begin featuring hundreds of artist’s upcoming U.S. tour dates on their YouTube videos.”

For now the feature only includes North American tour dates as stated above but there are plans to expand worldwide, seemingly in the near future.