Powerbeat – Maximizing Your Bike Ride with Calculated Torque Efficiency | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report

If you’re an avid cyclist, you know the value of a heart rate monitor, but how much do you know about power meters.  Being new to the game, you might still be wondering what a power meter is and why you need one! Enter the Powerbeat by Watteam.  The Powerbeat is a self-installed, crank arm based power meter.

It is a small device that uses strain gauges to measure the power output of a cyclist. But not just that, it calculates torque efficiency, individual leg balance, and cadence.  All of that is used to train and improve a cyclist performance. All you have to do is download the Watteam Powerbeat app and then follow the instructions.

Now, there are three available Powerbeat options. There’s the Single which is a single side power meter that measures your left leg, at only $259 it is the most affordable power meter in the world. There’s the Dual, the flagship power meter, which measures both legs.  And the 2pack that is a perfect option for multiple bikes.

It’s compatible with Bluetooth Smart, ANT+ and smart devices, and comes with a user-friendly mobile app that provides up to date firmware upgrades and full control over the Powerbeat.

So, if you want to upgrade your bike to include a powermeter, head on over to watteam.com today.