Pet Legz – Take Your Pet Everywhere You Go | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

If you’re a pet lover like me, then you love to have your pet with you at all times. Unfortunately, we can’t always bring our furry friends everywhere we go, but we can put them on our pants. Seriously.

Pet Legz is a new service that prints your pet on your pants. You start by uploading a few photos of your pet. From there, Pet Legz will make an exclusive pattern. Every item they make is completely unique to the owner and one of a kind.

There are different types of clothing you can choose from – leggings in two different lengths for both kids and adults, crop tops, socks, and more.

Now, these aren’t clothes you’ll only want to wear at home, they’re perfect for running errands, working out, or even, as you may guess, walking your pet.

Now if you know someone who is as crazy about their pet as you, Pet Legz is the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, or as a memorial for someone who just lost a pet.

So if you’d like something completely unique and one of a kind for yourself or as a special gift to that pet lover in your life, head to today.