Marshall – Wireless Multi-Room, Customizable Speakers | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report

For over 50 years, Marshall’s been a leader in the audio industry, making high-quality products with an iconic design.

They’re living up to their legacy with the new Multi-Room Speakers.

These speakers allow you to wirelessly play different songs in each room throughout the house – or, if you want, you can play the same song in every room.

There are six different ways for you to connect to the speakers, so you’re not strapped to one platform

This is especially helpful because you don’t have to have the same speaker in every room. You can have a different size and even style speaker in every room in the singular audio ecosystem.

But these speakers wouldn’t mean much if they didn’t deliver in sound. Customize your sound with separate bass and treble controls, making it sound like you’re in the front row of a concert.

And there are seven different presets that you can program into the speakers to give you immediate access to artists, albums, playlists or internet radio stations.

But not only do they deliver on sound and programming, but they also have a beautiful aesthetic design that’s specific to the Marshall style. Available in Black and Cream

So if you want to bring quality sound and style to your home, definitely check out Marshall speakers by heading to today.