Nu-Care – Wearable Heating Solution for Women on Their Cycle | NewsWatch

Consumer Update

Ladies, when that time of the month rolls around, we know just how painful it can be. Menstrual cramps are no joke. While we’ve found different methods of coping throughout the years, doctors suggest that heat is the best way to deal with the pain. But if the only way we can use heat is with a heating pad at home, then how are we supposed to cope with the pain while we’re on the go?

Well, that’s where Nu-Care comes in.

Nu-Care is a wearable heating solution for women to wear while they’re on their cycle. It’s lightweight, soft, and can fit directly under your clothing.

There are three different ways you can heat yourself: from the front, back, or in both areas if that’s where you’re feeling discomfort.

And there are two different styles of Nu-Care for you to wear – Cutie, which has pink lace and Lady, which is plain black.

Both styles have a battery pocket in the back with a power bank that holds power for four 30-minute sessions.

They also have a power on switch for you to easily start and stop the heat.

If you’d like to learn more about Nu-Care, you can check them out on Indiegogo today.