DeriveVQ – Mitigating Distracted Driving Everywhere | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report/CES

We’re always looking for new technologies that excite us, especially here at CES. Well at this year’s show we found a company that caught our eye.

Derive is shaking things up with the newly released DeriveVQ, a safe driving product that significantly mitigates distracted driving.

DeriveVQ prevents the vehicle from starting unless the driver’s phone is disabled, and the seatbelt is fastened. It also caps the vehicle’s speed to posted speed limits. This is all powered by an integrated technology platform that connects information from multiple sources and delivers software upgrades to the vehicle’s control system itself.

Distracted driving claims nine lives every day. Most solutions on the market today isolate the smartphone, but we integrate the phone and other external data into the vehicle’s control systems and thereby create safer driving environments. DeriveVQ is this year’s premier auto-tech product that will put an end to distracted driving.

If you want to learn how you or your loved ones can have a safer driving experience, head to today.