Glide – Developed by the Global Leader Civicom Marketing Research Services | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report/CES

In this age of digital media short, personalized content is a must. If you hope to compete in this ever-changing business landscape, then you need tools to create audio and video clips that let you precisely define your message for your intended audience.

To help you with that we have Glide.

Developed by the global leader Civicom Marketing Research Services, Glide is a multi-media management tool that makes digital assets easy to search, edit, clip, and share. It’s a way for users to collect, organize and analyze content, whether that be audio, video or photos, to help you deliver your message.

The idea is you can create individual project folders on the Glide platform and then upload your project media into each one of them.

From there you can add tags that make searching for content and data a cinch.

Glide even creates automatic transcripts that quickly appear just below your audio or video files for easy text editing.

The platform is incredibly easy to use, requiring no technical expertise to create and manage projects, making this the ideal solution for smooth collaboration and client presentations.

Glide is available to starting using now.

To get started with this convenient project management tool today head over to the Glide website at or send an email to